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Sandra is a singer/songwriter currently living in Calgary Alberta, Canada.


She has enjoyed performing with many different groups and in a variety of musical styles, ranging from jazz fusion to hard rock.


Sandra learned to play the piano and saxophone while still in school, and was also happily involved in a wide variety of sport and social activities. Growing up in a small community in Saskatchewan offered many opportunities to participate in all sorts of artistic, social and sporting events.


Learning is something that we continue to enjoy throughout our lives, and Sandra has been learning how to play the guitar as well as honing her skills in previously acquired instruments. On weekday evenings, Sandra enjoys coaching select vocal students.


During daytime hours, Sandra is a small business consultant offering services in Administrative Management, Book-keeping, Personal Taxes and Regulatory Compliance.


To round out her already busy and fun schedule, she volunteers with the Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary, the Seniors Dreamwish Foundation and performs at the Joy of Life Centre and the Unity Church of Calgary.


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Phone: 403.560.0452    |    Email: sandralsutter@gmail.com

NEW! Here are 3 songs for your enjoyment:

Indian_In_The Child.mp3

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